This page provides links to the resources used to support
the presentation "Third Age Learning in a Digital World".
Please review the resources and use them to consider
future directions U3A may take.

Learn about major recent developments in education that
benefit seniors and enable us to learn about anything,
at anytime, using free learning resources from the world's
great universities and colleges.
Come on a global tour as we use multimedia to examine
the achievements and lives of a group of remarkable
women and the politics of the countries they lead.
We examine the current revolution in digital books,
the ebook versus printed book debate and the options for
accessing and reading ebooks. You will learn how to
become an author and publisher of your own ebooks.
Learn to use the Internet to create a world of beautiful
music. Examine the options for finding, accessing and
listening to digital music and using music for therapy,
relaxation and learning.
Learn to use the Internet to virtually travel to anywhere in
the world and explore cities, remote locations and
museums and galleries -‘going there without being there’.
Virtual Travel can be used as an alternative to or planning
tool for real travel.
Come and join Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the
Endurance as they attempt to cross Antarctica. We use
multimedia to retrace and re-live 'the greatest adventure
story ever told'.
In this romantic movies and music presentation, we
explore the epic on-and-off screen romances of silver
screen stars, including Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier,
Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy, and
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.
Take a trip down memory lane as we use video clips,
audio interviews, photos and newspaper clippings to
explore and discuss the often turbulent off and on screen
lives of two famous screen lovers. In this session we
examine the lives, loves and movies of
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
Learn how politicians globally are using Social Media
as a campaign platform, and how voters are making
politicians more accountable. We examine the use of the
Internet to monitor and analyse global political events
as they happen.
The evolving social media revolution has changed the way
people and communities interact. Social media has enabled
businesses to reach out directly to customers, is empowering
societies and providing great opportunities and challenges
for education. This presentation examines social media’s
impact on society, business and education.