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A TRIP TO THE ANTARCTIC - With Ernest Shackleton
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Recommended resources from Geoff Davidson, Northern Beaches U3A
Shackleton's Argonauts by Frank Hurley.
Aurora Australis by Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton's Biography

An excellent summary from the American Museum of Natural History

Learn about The Endurance

The James Caird Society

All about Antarctica - Recommended

At the beginning of the last century, dozens of companies set up whaling operations near Antarctica. After several highly profitable decades, however, they eventually became victims of new technology and their own success. Their ghost towns tell the story.

The Endurance Obituraries

Ernest Shackleton's hypothetical use of social media. Click here to visit 'his' twitter site and read 'his' tweets. Click here to read 'his' blog posts.

Interactive Google Map of the Expedition

The Endurance Expedition Quiz Game


Endurance, Shackleton and the Antarctic. – The complete story – 10 videos

A short documentary based on Sir Ernest Shackleton's famous Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition with interviews by his granddaughter the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, renowned Deep-Sea Wreck Explorer David Mearns, and the leading Historian on Shackleton's life, Dr. Jan Piggott in front of the James Caird.


FREE The Project Gutenberg eBook, South!, by Sir Ernest Shackleton

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage [Kindle Edition]

Shackleton's Boat Journey [Kindle Edition]

Hoosh: Roast Penguin, Scurvy Day, and Other Stories of Antarctic Cuisine - Kindle Edition

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