Using this module you will learn:
How to use the Twitter and Blog social media tools to communicate and collaborate with experts from around the globe who will share with you their knowledge and skills to enable you to achieve your learning goals.

Your activities will include:
1. Examine the use of Twitter as a social media tool to enable global communication and collaboration with experts in your areas of interest.
2. Create a Personal Network using Twitter and blogs that will enable you to communicate and collaborate with experts who will assist you to achieve your learning goals.

Personal Learning Network(PLN)

Your personal learning network is a network of people you interact with and derive
knowledge from that relate to your specific lifelong learning goals.

You can create a global PLN by registering with a social media service provider that will enable
you to establish links with experts in your learning areas and to globally communicate and
collaborate with these people to assist the achievement of your lifelong learning goals.

In this course you will use two social media tools for your PLN viz: Twitter for monitoring the Twitterverse
for learning resources and information and the Blogs from your Personal Learning Environment (PLE )
to communicate with Blogger experts in the Blogosphere. You can add other tools to your PLN later, if you wish.

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Twitter PLN Tool.

Twitter is now an accepted method of communication
in world events, entertainment, and breaking news.

But it has just as much value in the day-to-day activities
of our own lives particularly for enhancing lifelong learning .

Twitter is an instant messaging system that lets a
person – TWEETER - send brief text
messages- TWEETS - up to 140 characters in length to
a list of ‘FOLLOWERS’.

Twitter was designed as a social network to keep
friends and colleagues informed throughout the day
but has become a widely accepted as a business
and learning tool.

On the right is a widget that shows tweets being sent
about lifelong learning. Note the links to web sites that
provide further information on lifelong learning.


Twitter Network.

There are millions of people who tweet every day but you will need to be selective in locating experts that can contribute to your lifelong learning goals otherwise you will be inundated with meaningless messages - tweets. Who are the experts you would like to connect with and what are there Twitter names and are they even on Twitter?

For your PLN your aim is to become the FOLLOWER of a number of ‘expert’ TWEETERS who can assist you to achieve your learning goals by providing you with links to quality learning resources and responding to requests you may have for information and advice.

It is unlikely that a tweet with its 140 character limit will provide you with actual learning content however it can provide you with links to useful learning resources based on the knowledge and research of its author.

Here are links to two Twitter search tools - Monitter or Twitterfall. Use these tools to search for TWEETERS in your lifelong areas of interest - you can sort tweets by topic, using hashtags and keywords to find relevant information to retweet, and engage with like-minded individuals. Add the TWEETERS you would like to follow to your network

TWELLO is a recommended tool for finding TWEETERS in your areas of interest that you can add to your network.

Managing Your Twitter Account.

When you login to your Twitter account you will see a window for sending your tweets and a list of tweets sent by the people you are following. You can review your listed tweets for useful links to learning resources and responses to requests that you may have made.
Tweets you send will be received by all the people you are following and will also be accessible to people searching the Twitterverse.
You can send Tweets to specific Tweeters by using the @ symbol e.g. @tonywhittingham1 here is a great time management resource //http://www.studygs.net/timman.htm// for you (notes: no space after the @ symbol and URLs will be truncated)

You can include a # in your tweet to enable it to be ‘found’ by tweeters with an interest in and likely to be searching for tweets in the #’s topic e.g. here is a great time management #timemanagement resourcehttp://www.studygs.net/timman.htm//
There are many tools available to assist the process of managing tweets. Two of the most popular are Tweetdeck and Twhirl.

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